Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On Our Way (Finally)

So step one of the journay to Bolivia has brought me to New York for the Maryknoll International Service Orientation (or MISO). It's great to be able to see a bit of the East coast of the country before I leave, and I'm haing a great time, but I can't say I'm not impatient to get moving. Fellow Salesian Lay Missioner Jenna and I spent our first day being introduced to New York city by an old friend, Ben. We all had a fantastic time and I'm looking forward to more exploring on our days off (right now we're in a town called Ossining about an hour train ride from Grand Central Station).

Recently we were treated to a concert by our own SLM leader and his Andean folk band. We also had a chance to learn a few moves from a young woman from Bolivia.

I'm not sure which was better, getting a preview of what's awaiting my partner Johanna and I, or having our "after party" (comprised of about 35 missionaries dancing behind an old convent to latin music) shut down by the police for noise violation. At 9:45 pm. Oh, Ossining...

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